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Easy website organization and maintenance
wordpress website

We use one of the most well-respected platforms in the industry. WordPress has an extensive range of features and has a huge array of plugins.

It is the leading open source Content Management System (CMS) for all types of sites. When we launch our sites, we store all the content along with design and images in WordPress.

Using the user centred design methodology, we are able to draw the right balance between business and prospect goals. As a result, our WordPress sites are search engine friendly on site search drives the prospect to the service they are looking for and prime real estate on both desktops and mobile is efficiently used so that customer always able to find what they are looking for easily.

The use of templates within the CMS leads to brand consistency and low cost as same templates can be reused again and again.

Other advantages this approach offers is

  • First those who are managing the CMS will find that content and design is separate so it is easy to maintain your website inside a content management system.
  • Secondly, with little effort and training content can be updated from the graphics user interface built in the CMS making managing the site in-house very easy.
  • Lastly, huge availability of many plugins within the CMS allow turning complex features e.g. advance search, social media integration easy with low cost and effort.

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