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Telappliant scoring high on customer satisfaction

Telappliant is a cloud communications provider specialising in Internet telephony. With more than 80,000 subscribers they have one of the largest Voice over IP (VoIP) networks in the UK. Telappliant offer advanced telephone systems, business internet solutions and cloud services to businesses of all sizes.
Due to increasing demand of their services Telappliant wanted to partner with onewood to provide them with offshore technical customer service desk.


Telappliant success in the market has led to increase demand for their services, their products like VoIP Office became very popular which required a technical support team who are expert in VoIP and SIP technology and can answer complex customer queries as well as provide support to resolve technical issues. Telappliant leadership foresaw that they would need to expand their technical customer service desk.


Upon winning the project onewood set about creating an overall structure which can support Telappliant unique requirements. This was not a standard customer service desk but required recruiting and retaining highly skilled VoIP / SIP engineers, project and account management as well as close communication channels with Telappliant.

Our 1st and 2nd line engineers working with Telappliant backend resolve hundreds of tickets every month leading to lowering the cost of operations for Telappliant as well as creating superior customer experience and satisfaction, this is reflected in positive feedbacks we have received from customers as well as TrustPilot.

We do this by having close collaboration with Telappliant, we do monthly reporting and meetings in which we present our results, we hold ourselves to high standards by benchmarking our service against stretching KPIs and we stay on top of industry standards by adopting industry best practices as outlined in ITIL and other professional bodies.

As a result, our account size has doubled since we started and Telappliant leadership team recognized our contribution with a wonderful testimonial.

Offshore Service Desk (Technical) – Massive Savings!

“OneWood has helped us start 1st and 2nd line support operation offshore which has greatly helped us make massive savings in the operational cost. I will recommend them without hesitation.”
Muhammad N, Managing Director
Telappliant. UK

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