Software Development

Magento Development

Magento is our favourite eCommerce platform as such we have established processes, tested and preconfigured hosting solutions for Mangeto.

Onewood make sure that your website infrastructure is secure, card holder data is protected, strong access controls are in place and there is regular monitoring and testing of the network in place.

Over the years onewood has organized this arm of the business around PCI and DSS standards.

We deliver in today’s demanding customers a performant, scalable, resilient and secure browsing experience with no compromises!

  • Website or platform in a secure environment
  • Security fixes and updates to avoid cyber attacks
  • Database Optimisation & Load Balancing
  • Real time monitoring
  • Website restore and disaster recovery
  • Enterprise-Level SLA

Magento Plugin Development

We understand that in today’s technology landscape no software is an island, our certified developers make sure that your omni-channel experience is seamless.

A successful eCommerce business have many suppliers, vendors and channels where content need to be distributed as well as communication requirements. As such there is a need to develop plugins so that required data can seamlessly move between fulfilment partners, various databases, partner websites, ERP software, CRMs etc

Our extensive development experience has taught us to be prepared for such requirements from our customers. We will work with you to:

  • Establish strategic framework of product development
  • Phased out requirements gathering process
  • Continuous development model for rapid integration
  • Testing and deployment of plugins

Magento Customisation

Every customer requirement is unique and we take full advantage of flexibility on offer by Magento, our development team customize the platform according to the requirements.

Customisation starts with designing and developing unique bespoke templates design which are according to customer brand voice and business requirements.

Customisation can also be at the technology level where Magento expands on the store functionality using extensions and making use of the the Magento Market place where hundreds of extensions are available.

Depending on customer requirement we integrate and develop extensions to meet ever increasing business requirements – we do this with speed, accuracy and within budgets

We will help you with:

  • Template Customisation to offer you unique designs
  • Developing and integrating extensions
  • Custom extension development

Xamarin Development

Our certified developers deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows apps using Xamarin mobile app development framework.

Xamerin brings the overall development budget down due its great ability to reuse code. Xamarin is the technology of choice for 15,000 companies in such fields as energy, transport, media, healthcare, and many more.

By building applications for all three major mobile platforms (Windows, iOS & Andriod), the developers can share up to 75 percent of code. Moreover, using Xamarin.Forms, a library with more than 40 cross-platform controls and layouts mapped to native controls, the shared codebase can reach 100 percent.

We can assist you with:

  • Mobile App development and Design
  • Launch Apps for all three major App Stores
  • Optimize your app store presence using ASO

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