Respond to your followers in minutes 24hrs a day

Social Media Customer Service


Respond to your followers in minutes 24hrs a day

Social Media Marketing has opened new ways to access prospective customers.

Social media, as part of your digital marketing strategy, can allow you to increase customer outreach, audience and customer interaction (both old and new) while at the same time Social Media has proved its self to be an excellent influencer and customer service channel.

Leaving your followers without engagement on social media channels can lead to negative sentiments which overtime allow your competition to capitalize on, the importance of providing service on this channel is all too visible as all major brands maintain professional presence.

We maintain close communication with your sales and customer service departments, sending them advance queries or sales leads as they come along.

We provide as part of our social media customer service

  • Guaranteed response within minutes as per the SLA, never leaving your followers waiting.
  • Resolve support issues as per the agreed framework.
  • Monitor and remove all inappropriate comments, images and videos, spam, scams and hate speech comments.
  • First line customer service to each individual query, helping them make purchase decisions.
  • Conducting this operation discreetly and integrated with your team so the followers never know the difference, we achieve this by adopting your brand values during engagements.

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