Increase Conversions By Optimizing Navigation

Navigation Optimization


Increase Conversions By Optimizing Navigation
navigation optamization

Imagine walking into a supermarket where aisles are not labelled or trying to find products without any direction. How frustrating would that be?

This is exactly how a user feels when it arrives on a website with poor navigation. The solution? Optimize your site navigation.

Over the years we have helped number of customers in optimisation their navigation leading to high increase in conversions.

We do this by in number of ways

  • Integrating advance search with navigation so user can always use the search aid along with the menu.
  • For e-commerce site with large number of products we implement product filters.
  • We use techniques like card sorting to logically group items and streamline menu to optimised number of items and headings.

As no two websites are same our audit of your e-commerce store will be the first thing we will do followed by techniques such as above and many other that we have use to produce high level of conversions.

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