Designed for Growth, Built for Flexibility

Magento Store


Designed for Growth, Built for Flexibility
magento store

We have established processes, tested and preconfigured hosting solutions for your Magento store.

We back this with our experienced help desk to provide any urgent support.

Onewood make sure that your website infrastructure is secure, card holder data is protected, strong access controls are in place and there is regular monitoring and testing of the network in place.

Over the years onewood has organized this arm of the business around PCI and DSS standards.

We deliver in today’s demanding customers a performant, scalable, resilient and secure browsing experience with no compromises!

  • Website or platform in a secure environment.
  • Security fixes and updates to avoid cyber attacks.
  • Database Optimisation & Load Balancing.
  • Real time monitoring.
  • Website restore and disaster recovery
  • Enterprise-Level SLA.

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