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How AI Is Changing the Future of Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence has taken the future of digital marketing world by a storm. The AI technology has come a long way in the past two decades and has taken the center seat in digital marketing.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is no more just a fantasy of sci-fi writers. It is having an impact on numerous aspects of life, with digital marketing being one of the prime business applications. Artificial intelligence is defined as the intelligence shown by machines. AI is enabling businesses to do predictive analysis, improve the experience of their customers and take personalized marketing to a whole new level.

In the past marketers were skeptical about AI. That has all changed and there are now numerous applications of AI being used by businesses across the globe to yield a higher return on investment (ROI) and minimize the cost per acquisition (CPA).

How AI is Changing Digital Marketing

Here are some useful ways to boost your future of digital marketing efforts with the help of AI:

Targeted marketing campaigns

Predictive analytic tools enable marketers to extract specific information from data and then use it effectively to predict the user behaviour patterns and their purchasing trends. Tools such as Adobe predictive analytics tool analyses huge volumes of data to provide you with significant and useful insights. Once you know about the buying trends of customers/prospects and their likes/dislikes, you can design more customer-centric marketing campaigns.

Personalized email marketing

All thanks to AI, it is possible to create personalized email marketing campaigns without draining all the human resources. AI-based email platforms such as Boomtrain analyze the user behavior, their interaction with other websites, emails etc. to create personalized content that is most likely to get clicks and sales.

Optimail is another AI-powered tool that adjusts content and timing of your email campaigns automatically depending upon the user behaviors and interactions.

Apart from the content of emails, AI also saves marketers from spending lengthy hours in A/B testing their email campaigns and analyzing data later on. Instead, AI-powered tools such as Phrasee lets marketers analyze and optimize their email campaigns on the run.


Chatbots are one of the clearest examples of AI technology. Chatbots act as digital assistants & customer service representatives for customers when they need to ask for a particular size of a shoe or simply have any question regarding your business. Chatbots not only respond to your customers/prospects promptly but can also cater to a number of people simultaneously. For instance, just recently National Australia Bank (NAB) used AI-powered chatbot to respond to the queries of customers. The bot was able to answer over 200 common questions related to banking.

While humans tend to get frustrated if a customer/prospects asks the same question repetitively or is being rude, an AI-powered chatbot will never lose its cool.

You can add chatbots to your website, applications and even emails which solve all the queries of your customers/prospects.

Personalized Website Experience

People love content, which has been created just for them. According to the report titled, 2016 trends in personalization by Evergage – 33% of the marketers are using AI to deliver highly personalized experiences to their users. With AI, you can display personalized content to each of your website visitors, depending on their location, demographic, device, purchase history etc. By analyzing the location of your website visitors, you can display them clothes that are suitable for the prevailing season or weather conditions.

Unique content

As a business owner and marketer, you are in a constant need of generating unique content, which is relevant to your target market. Hiring a team of writers, training them according to your brand’s voice and finally getting quality content is a long process but with AI, you cannot only reduce the overhead costs but also save time and energy.

By using natural language generation engines such as Wordsmith and AI-powered tools like Acrolinx, you can generate unique content for your business on a daily basis.

Industry giants such as BBC, Forbes and Washington Post are using AI to generate hundreds of unique articles every day for their readers. Chances are you have already read an AI-created article on the web without even knowing it!

Google Ads

The Google Ads platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the information of their users and display products/services based on their interests. It collects information such as users’ demographics, gender, race, interests etc. to create a profile and advertise products to them that match their taste.

With Google Ads, you can target your digital marketing campaigns according to your audience interests and have a better chance of closing sales and getting quality leads.

Future of Digital Marketing Conclusion

AI is already here. It is helping businesses in using less resources and generating more revenue for their business. The question is: are you ready to use it?

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