We are experts with Magento with years of experience with in-house certified Magento developers. No eCommerce platform is an island. The platform should be able to speak with established ERP systems, integrate payment channels and supports requirements for custom development.

Turnkey ecommerce

Already have an eCommerce store online which is not performing to your expectations? OR you are thinking about getting started on eCommerce with a brand-new product or taking your offline business online.

Getting started on eCommerce requires more than just having an eCommerce platform i.e. more than a website with a cart. The complete end to end experience requires a thorough understanding and investment to back

We can assist you with:

  • eCommerce platform
  •  Digital Marketing
  • Store management (customer experience, site speed, usability, journey management etc.)
  • Store back-end management (inventory management, product uploads etc.)
  • Payments providers
  • Warehousing & Fulfilment
  • Customer Service/Call Centre

Order management

The Achilles Heel for small business is ignoring this very important aspect for an online business. If you are a business which send small items to customers frequently then you would know the challenge. It is important to cover three major areas when considering warehousing and fulfilment.

We can help you with:

  • Managed facility – deals with managing orders, packing and returns.
  • Integration – with website for orders, customer service, status, processing, returns & security of customer data.
  • Shipping – carrier integration, rates negotiations, packaging and branding

At onewood we have vast experience of dealing with fulfilment for big customers and managing orders over country wide territories.

Managed Magento

Magento is our favourite eCommerce platform as such we have established processes, tested and preconfigured hosting solutions for Mangeto.

We back this with our experienced help desk to provide any urgent support.

Onewood make sure that your website infrastructure is secure, card holder data is protected, strong access controls are in place and there is regular monitoring and testing of the network in place.

Over the years onewood has organized this arm of the business around PCI and DSS standards.

We deliver in today’s demanding customers a performant, scalable, resilient and secure browsing experience with no compromises!

  • Website or platform in a secure environment
  • Security fixes and updates to avoid cyber attacks
  • Database Optimisation & Load Balancing
  • Real time monitoring
  • Website restore and disaster recovery
  • Enterprise-Level SLA

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