Faster checkouts, happy customers, more conversions

Checkout Page Optimization


Faster checkouts, happy customers, more conversions

Just like in the retail world, a check out which is busy, has long queues, cluttered, staff is tired or unhelpful will all lead to customers walking out of the store without completing the purchase – similarly online is no different.

A checkout page which is cluttered, distract the customer, doesn’t instil trust or confidence, data security and encryption not in place, has unnecessary long forms to fill out etc will lead to lower conversion rates and drop outs.

  • We at onewood specialise in checkout optimisation as part of our e-commerce sales conversion optimisation service.
  • We create checkout page which collect the most important information required to complete the purchase early in journey.
  • We remove any distractions from the page, keeping header and footer minimal.
  • Put out trust signals such as encryption, data security and compliance.
  • Setup multiple payment options and integrations to give user more options at the checkout stage.
  • Design and develop the page for faster load times as well as putting in place data validations to minimize errors at user end.
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