Your brand home on biggest marketplace on Earth

Amazon Storefront Branded Page

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Your brand home on biggest marketplace on Earth
amazon storefront branded page

Brand pages/Store fronts available for companies on Amazon to have a dedicated brand page to showcase products within Amazon.

We can help you setup and maintain your brand home on world largest market place.

We will assist you with setting up:

  • Social features like social sharing buttons, coupled with promotional extensions such as Headline Search Ads, to drive store awareness and traffic.
  • A unique store URL ( brand). Unique URL allows you to promote your store on and off Amazon.
  • Product displays based on individual shopper insights such as keyword search, best-selling product, and/or recommendation history.
  • Reporting tools to measure and optimize your store design towards total visitors or views.
  • Onewood support so your storefronts are up-to-date with latest products.

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