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OneWood is a digital agency with presence and customers in Europe, Asia and Australia. It comprises of seasoned managers, creative graphic designers, clever coders, fussy quality engineers and nerdy marketers. We eat and breathe in a digital world. While OneWoods works directly with many companies in the UK, we have specially groomed ourselves to work as a back office to midsized digital agencies based in Europe and in the North America. Our processes and experiences enable us to seamlessly integrate with our foreign clients and work as part of their team. This not only significantly brings down the overall cost of the project but also cuts the delivery time because together with our partners, we become a company that hardly sleeps due to our distant time zones.

Tauseef Zahid

Tauseef Zahid
Vice President

Waseem Rana

Waseem Rana
Vice President

What We Do
OneWood is a full service agency powered by digital thinking and built around real-time innovation, quantifiable results and memorable work

Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

Brand Strategy and Positioning, Communication Strategy, Business Requirements and Planning

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Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Email and CRM Marketing Campaigns, Rich Media and Banner Development, Paid Media

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Web Development

Web Development

Website Design and Implementation, Brand Marketing and Destination Sites, Hosting (Web, Email)

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Social Media

Social Media

Social Analytics, Daily Reports, Data Mining, Conversation Monitoring, Video Content Production, Social Tracking and Reporting

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Software Delivery


Requirements Gathering & Management, Functional Specification , Agile Design & Development

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Custom Social Analytics


Custom Social Analytics Platform, Campaign Performance Measurement and Analysis, 360° Campaign Analysis and Strategy

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Facebook and Adward compaign


Marketing Campaigns, Campaign Optimization and Multivariate Testing, Loyalty, Promotions and Sweepstakes

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Website Maintainance


Hosting & Infrastructure, Dedicated Server Support,Website Updates, Technical Support

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Strategy & Planning

- Brand Strategy and Positioning
- Communication Strategy
- Business Requirements and Planning
- Consumer Insights
- Human Experience Strategy
- Innovation + Digital Engagement Planning
- Brand Experience Design
- Social Media Strategy
- Competitive/Comparative Analysis
- Metrics Definition, Measurement, Analysis and Optimization
- Product Design and Development
- Account Planning and Management

Marketing & Advertising

- Email and CRM Marketing Campaigns
- Rich Media and Banner Development
- Multi-Channel, Cross-Platform Strategy
- Online Media Planning, Buying and Management
- Social Media Campaigns
- Trafficking
- Paid Media
- Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Paid Search
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Strategy


- Website Design and Implementation
- Brand Marketing and Destination Sites
- Corporate Websites
- Self-Service, Support and Ecommerce sites
- Product Launch and Campaign Microsites
- Content Management System Design and Implementation
- Website Performance Optimization
- Support & Maintenance
- Social Media
- Domain Registration
- DNS Administration
- Hosting (Web, Email)

Social Media

- Social Analytics
- Daily Reports
- Data Mining
- Conversation Monitoring
- Platform Development
- Application Development
- Video Content Production
- Campaign Development and Execution
- Social Tracking and Reporting


- Requirements Gathering & Management
- Functional Specification
- Maturity Planning & Road Mapping
- Iterative Delivery
- Agile Design & Development


- Custom Social Analytics Platform
- Campaign Performance Measurement and Analysis
- Actionable Recommendations and Optimization
- Web Analytics and Custom Reporting
- Performance Optimization and Multivariate Testing
- User Testing and Usability Analysis
- Social Monitoring, Reporting and Recommendations
- 360° Campaign Analysis and Strategy Development


- Marketing Campaigns
- Campaign Optimization and Multivariate Testing
- Email Acquisition + Lead Generation
- ECRM Program Management
- Loyalty, Promotions and Sweepstakes


- Hosting & Infrastructure
- Dedicated Server Support
- Website Updates
- Technical Support
- Training

OneWood can be a digital arm to your agency in a variety of ways

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Business Partnerships - Expand without Expense

Business Partnerships
Expand without Expense

We enable you to leverage you in providing seamless professional solutions to your clients. Partnering with us will allow you to concentrate on your core business while we handle the technical details. With our ability to deliver IT resources quickly and efficiently, we can take care of all your obligations.

White Labeling | Expand without Hassle

White Labeling
Expand without Hassle

We act as an online extension of your agency. We provide all the digital planning, designing, developing and marketing services to your clients on your behalf acting as you. All reports and communications are provided as you to the clients using your email address, phone, business cards, etc.

HR Subcontracting | Expand without Delay

HR Subcontracting
Expand without Delay

We provide you qualified and experienced full time or part time resources to work for you on your projects sitting at our premises. You can chose to manage them yourself or our seasoned managers can overesee them for you. You’ll be surprised to know how well this works out for our clients.

Referrals | Expand without Risk

Expand without Risk

You direct your clients to us, for their digital marketing requirements. We act as an approved partner and provide you with referral fee. You never know what a small referral can get developed into at a later stage.

Our Clients
We yearn to earn advocacy: we aim beyond the sale, to the point where we delight customers so much they tell the world about us

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Success in the connected world means change; we are always trying to reinvent, reimagine and reengineer every aspect of the way we work